The Oscars and the Spirit Awards Did the Same Miles Teller Joke

How it reflects the rise of the "major indie"

Miles Teller. After making a splash with his performance in The Spectacular Now a couple of years ago, now becoming boy-of-the-moment with Whiplash, and soon to stretch* his acting skills further in Fantastic Four, he is what many would say “so hot right now.” So hot, in fact, that two prestigious awards shows this past weekend asked him to do the exact same joke with their respective hosts.

Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Top Ten Small Release Films of 2014

The year's best overlooked films

Last year was a fantastic year for blockbusters. Marvel released their two best films to date, and many big films aimed for unexpected flights of poignancy that, while some were more welcomed (The Lego Movie) than others (Godzilla), can make us feel hopeful for more dashes of auteurship in mass-market products. On this list, however, we take a look at films released in US theaters last year that belong on Top Ten lists everywhere, but didn’t receive the push they deserved.