If you’re stuck at work today and haven’t had the time to devour Netflix’s just-dropped Marvel Cinematic Universe show Luke Cage yet, there is one other thing you can do to savor the flavor, and that is through music (specifically, ’90s hip hop), which plays a pretty big part in the show.

Though the show’s co-composer Adrian Younge already put together his own great playlist featuring Rakim, De la Soul, and Tribe Called Quest, there’s another more direct list of songs to get the feel of the show. You see, every episode of the first season of Luke Cage is titled after a Gang Starr song. So listening to a playlist consisting of the 13 songs that make up the episode titles is kind of like watching the show itself! It’s basically the same thing!

All right, maybe not. But if you forgot to request a sick day for today, what else ya gonna do. Either way, Gang Starr is dope, so this is still a pretty killer playlist to listen to.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify:

And for those who have made the switch from Spotify to Google Music like me, I got you. Alternatively, since Google Music still doesn’t allow playlist embeds, here it is in YouTube form: