A Match Made in Kevin

Half hour series. Retired firefighter Kevin (Kevin James) discovers that he is gifted at finding people’s true loves. Every episode will touch on topical issues that present a new challenge as he matches two people with opposing views (e.g. Black Lives Matter vs All Lives matter, Kanye fan vs Taylor fan, Syrian refugee vs Angela Merkel enthusiast). He used to put out flames, now he’s ready to start some!

For Kevin’s Sake

Ex-frat boy Kevin (Kevin James) longs for the glory days of his college years, when his ability to drink an entire keg by himself made him popular with his peers, before he became a middle-aged pencil pusher with a beer gut. Kevin enters an annual drinking competition in Yokohama, Japan, driven by his thirst for alcohol and Asian women. But winning the tournament might prove difficult as Kevin discovers that they drink sake over there, not beer. Uh-oh, ramen-o’s!

Feels Like Kevin

Boat magnate Kevin (Kevin James) dies in a tragic boating accident, leaving behind his blind fiance. She later meets a college professor (Kevin James) whose facial structures feel identical to Kevin’s in her hands. Can she learn to love her dead fiance’s doppelganger, even as she discovers that not all of him feels like Kevin?

Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kevin

Local weatherman Kevin (Kevin James) embarrasses himself on live television and becomes the town laughingstock, but when members of the racist hate group Stormfront takes his old news station hostage, Kevin is the only man brave enough to weather that storm.

Kevin Fever

Famous topographer Kevin (Kevin James) has to keep his sanity intact when a huge blizzard traps him, his wife, their three kids, grandpa, grandma, and Uncle Roogie the non-violent sex offender in Kevin’s house for six days. Family bonds are tested and secrets spill out when Kevin finds an old love letter Uncle Roogie had written to his wife before they were married, and grandma gets frostbite on her left foot that forces the family to amputate with the available household items.

Seventh Kevin

Under pressure to impress a potential new client, marketing director Kevin (Kevin James) learns that the wife he’s been neglecting has started sleeping with six other men, all of whom are named Kevin. With deadlines looming, Kevin has to decide what’s more important in life: his career, or learning the importance of communication with his wife as they mutually decide to explore the practice of ethical non-monogamy that is becoming more increasingly common in society both in forms of open relationships and polyamory, because Kevin realizes that the measure of his masculinity is not determined by his taking full ownership of his wife’s sexual agency despite his own lower sex drive, nor that his wife’s affection for him is a finite resource that diminishes with every new Kevin she sleeps with and somehow lowers his priority in her life to be that of a seventh Kevin. In time, Kevin learns what compersion means when he gets a tinge of happiness watching his wife’s happiness after coming home from a date with another Kevin. As Kevin forms new friendships with his metamours, he learns that he is neither the first Kevin nor the seventh Kevin. He’s Kevin.

You Make Me Feel Like I’ve Been Locked Up With Kevin For Too Lo-o-o-ong

A reboot of the Saw franchise, starring Kevin James and Bruno Mars.