There is no such thing as high-brow art or low-brow art.

Artboiled is a blog started by Arya Ponto in 2012 with the intention of celebrating, discussing, and yes, criticizing the strange and diverse world of pop and modern art in all of its available mediums.

We champion each of those mediums equally, and we spit at the outdated wall between serious and camp.

The three laws of this site, with no apologies to Asimov whatsoever, are:

  1. Comic book, film, animation, tumblr, etc are materials, not limitations. Each of them has unique abilities to generate art that the others do not. Therefore, there is no hierarchy among art mediums.
  2. Genre conventions have nothing to do with measurement of quality. If the superhero comedy provokes more thoughts and emotions than the socially relevant drama, then it’s the better movie. Period.
  3. It is possible to talk about art while being intelligent and utterly childish at the same time. In fact, it’s a lot better that way.


About Arya Ponto

Between trawling for the latest events in the arts and watching Battle Royale for the 200th time, Arya likes to entertain people with his thoughts on the pop culture climate. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with a comic book collection that is always the most daunting thing to move to a new apartment.